Modernize your C++ code

C++11 includes several additions to the core language and extends the C++ standard library. Some of these new features are very easy to use and bring a big added value to your C++ projects.

It’s interesting to detect automatically places where we can use some C++11 new features. For such needs clang-modernize is a standalone tool used to automatically convert C++ code, written against old standards, to use features of the newest C++ standard where appropriate.  Continue reading “Modernize your C++ code”

Make the most of CppCheck

Static code analysis is the process of detecting flaws in software’s source code.  The static analysis tools are useful to detect common coding mistakes; here are some benefits from using them:

  • Make the code source more readable and maintainable.
  • Prevent unexpected behavior in execution.
  • Optimize the execution.
  • Make the code more secure.

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Some standards are made to be ignored

Let’s begin with the definition of standardization from wikipedia :

Standardization is the process of developing and implementing technical standards. Standardization can help to maximize compatibilityinteroperability,safetyrepeatability, or quality.

On software development, the use of standards has huge benefits in protecting your projects from changing frameworks and tools. Some standards are widely used and adopted, others are used with moderation, a few or sometimes just a subset of them are simply ignored. Continue reading “Some standards are made to be ignored”

PArchitect Beta For Windows is now available.

We are pleased to announce the availability of PArchitect beta version for windows. PArchitect is a  Php tool which simplifies managing a given Php code base. It enables you to analyze code structure, specify design rules, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code. PArchitect could be downloaded from here.

Here are some interesting PArchitect features: Continue reading “PArchitect Beta For Windows is now available.”