JArchitect Features

JArchitect Features

JArchitect offers a wide range of features to let the user analyze a code base. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for Java developers.


Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code.

Code Quality Metrics

Lines of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity, Coupling, Nesting Depth, Rank, JArchitect supports them all (and much more.)

Harness Test Coverage Data

Import test coverage data, and make the most of it in the JArchitect feature-rich context.

Plugins Integration

You can still enjoy using JArchitect with the addition of plugins like PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle and CPD.

Explore Existing Architecture

Explore how the code is actually structured and shed light on architectural flaws kept secret.


Spot too complex code at a glance thanks to unique diagramming capabilities in the Java world.

Trend Monitoring

Get Trend Charts about pretty much any code metrics to master the evolution of your application.

Compare Builds and Code Diff

Compare two versions of a code base and browse code diff and changes in any way you can think of.

Detect Dependency Cycle

Get rid of dependency cycles between components to achieve higher code maintainability.

Immutability and Purity

JArchitect helps maintaining clean side-effects free code to achieve clean concurrent programming.

Generate Custom Reports

Be warned of potential build process problems before they end up causing friction and pain.