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Abstractness vs Instability: Neo4j Case study

Robert C.Martin wrote an interesting article about a set of metrics that can be used to measure the quality of an object-oriented design in terms of the interdependence between the subsystems of that design. Here’s from the article what he … Continue reading

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Go inside the Eclipse IDE implementation to understand how OSGi works

OSGi became very popular today, thanks to its modularity approach and its capability to enforce logical boundaries between modules. ┬áMany known applications chose it to enforce the modularity, we can enumerate eclipse, GlassFish and Oracle JDeveloper. To understand OSGi concepts … Continue reading

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Feedback on porting .Net code base to Mac OSX

Few years ago, after releasing the CppDepend product, many users ask us for a Mac OSX version to analyze the Objective C code base, last year we decided to develop XClarify, the CppDepend like for Objective C. Our GUI was … Continue reading

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Never use MD5 Hashing algorithm when using the .Net framework

Two years ago, our support team received a request from a customer, which said that our product doesn’t works in a specific machine. After further investigations we found the problem, but it was very difficult to detect what’s exactly make … Continue reading